Wednesday 25 December 2019

Easy AI-Powered Online Videomaker

Easy AI-Powered Online Videomaker in 2 Minutes |

We are excited to announce the LAUNCH of our new product, VIDEOMAKER!!! 🥳🎉 Experience this one-of-a-kind AI-powered text-to-video tool. Start telling your stories with Videomaker today!

Videomaker is one of the main tools of
, an artificial intelligence-powered online creative platform. Its other main tools include Logomaker, Designmaker, and Mockupmaker.
Why use Videomaker? ✨ Millions of assets including videos, images, and audio clips. Videomaker​'s ever-expanding library ensures that you have everything you need to create high-quality designs. ✨ Voiceovers in more than 10 different languages. ​Create videos to cater to your international audience in Spanish, French, Chinese, and many more! ✨ Export in different dimensions. Create videos in landscape, portrait, and square ​— whatever you need for your brand! ✨ Smart editor. ​Easily edit your video's clips, transitions, text, music, and voiceover, no video-creation background required. ✨ Smooth integration with other tools. Save your brand's logo, mockup, color palette, and font family in your assets, and easily integrate them into your other design creations. ✨ Collaborate and share your designs with your team members. ✨ Runs on your browser. Videomaker runs entirely on your internet browser, no need for complicated software installation.

Easy AI-Powered Online Videomaker in 2 Minutes