Wednesday 22 April 2020


Join my Book Party: From 1970-1973, Stella Ralfini was personal assistant to the Rolling Stones, after which she was headhunted to join Warner Music International. Stella's crazy, amazing, rock n roll years hold such fond memories, her latest book Rock N Roll Mayhem 1970, whilst fictional, is packed with truth, fact and major music biz happenings in 1970. She chose that year to pay special tribute to Jimi Hendrix who she idolised and tragically died on 18th Sept 1970. Her book, however, goes further than a book and is part of a humanitarian project to supply water tank to African village for children in dire need and part proceeds of every book sold, go to this worthy cause. Rock N Roll Mayhem 1970 is a raw, fast, laugh out loud tale with huge larger than life fictional characters who share similarities to known music icons. If you're old enough, you might be able to pick them out. This book has the makings of a blockbuster movie, and is a 2020 must read. Join the party to find out more and buy Hippie Love download of book at Stella also plans to host biggest HIppie Love picnic London has seen since the 70's on 19th Sept. Be there man. Love and peace.