Thursday 16 June 2022


ESWDA Alu-Clad Wood Glass Door is a solid wood door with exterior aluminum cladding to protect the wood, thus it combines the benefits of wood and aluminum while to avoid their shortcomings simultaneously. Germany style glass door features over 80% of glass to allow for wonderful nature light and maximum view. Tilt turn opening combines dual functions in one door to provide more options of ventilation.

Why selects Alu-clad wood glass door?

WOOD's quality exceed clients' expectations.

Solid wood is carefully selected from North America to make sure its quality and performance. After ESWDA's outstanding finger joint wood technique treatment, the interior wood is 1.5 times stronger than logs without ruining its natural beauty. Pine and oak are popular choices among all the wood species. More wood options like teak, walnut are provided to meet clients' needs. ESWDA laminated (engineered) frames constructed from FSC certified pine/ oak prevent warping and twisting. Wood door brings nature and comfort to a home. With aluminum cladding, it protects the wood and improves durability.