Monday 19 September 2022

Low-E Glass Make Windows Energy Efficient

How Does Low-E Glass Make Windows Energy Efficient?

Heat loss through doors and windows makes up for about 30% of the heat lost in your entire home. Low-E glass is a modern innovation that helps cap down heat loss during winter and prevent heat entry during summer.

Low-grade glass is your go-to option if you are a homeowner searching for smart solutions and energy-efficient windows to solve your energy loss problems. By altering how window glasses transfer heat, low-E coatings help ensure the comfort of your home while saving on energy costs. This article captures what every homeowner ought to know about low-E glass.

The low-emissivity glass was designed to reduce the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light coming through your glass without affecting the amount of natural light reaching your room. Low-E glass windows have a thin transparent coating that reflects light. These coatings maintain the consistency of internal temperatures by reflecting interior temperatures inside.