Friday 13 January 2023


WHY MEASURE YOUR WINDOWS Getting your windows installed correctly ensures they'll last for a long time. How are windows installed improperly? With the wrong measurements. The key to having your windows installed correctly is taking precise measurements. Imperfectly installed windows are more subject to deformation, bending, and leaks. You should ensure that the windows you intend to install will fit your home by taking the proper horizontal and vertical measurements. This will help you figure out the proper width and height of the window. Essentially, a window should open and close easily and properly. If a window lacks this basic feature, then you should look for other options. Accurate measurements are required so that windows can be installed accurately at the intended place. When window replacements are improperly installed, they: • Let the drafts in. • Allow moisture and humidity to enter the room. • Make an opening for bugs. • Enable mold and mildew to grow faster. • Bring noise into the house.
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