Thursday 23 March 2023


When it comes to purchasing windows and doors for your home or business, you may be dissatisfied with the quality of local suppliers or want more design options. In such cases, importing from China may be a viable option. There are numerous Chinese manufacturers of windows and doors who can fulfill your requirements.

However, before purchasing from any manufacturer, it is important to analyze them according to certain criteria to find the right supplier. These criteria include cost, the process of measuring and designing, minimum order quantity (MOQ), manufacturing capabilities, lead time, and quality control.

Getting quotes from multiple suppliers can help you save money on the project. Additionally, it is important to consider the ease of assembly and the precision of measurements when choosing a manufacturer. Customized designs may require your involvement in the design team.

The MOQ should be sustainable for long-term partnerships with the manufacturer, and you should visit their site or check customer reviews to assess their production capabilities. The lead time for delivery should also be considered, and it is important to inquire about the quality control protocols in place. ISO 9001-certified manufacturers often have dedicated teams for quality control.

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