Friday 24 March 2023

Is This Creepy Shadow Magic Trick Fake? Twitter Thinks So

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An astonishing piece of a magic trick using an illusion of shadow has got Twitter talking. In a spooky video, a magician is seen creating an illusion of a shadow halting for several seconds even after the body was moved from the way of light. A woman volunteers to take part in the trick to witness what the magician is capable of doing. She offers her hands to the magician leaving her index fingers pointed for the man to hold. The illusion begins when he confirms if the woman can see her shadow on the table.

He asks her to divert all her attention to the hand's black outline on the table. The magician doesn't use any spell instead he starts a countdown to alert the woman something is about to happen. When he leaves the woman's hand, she pulls takes it back. However, her shadow still remains on the table. It takes her a split second to register what had occurred and then she quickly gasps after watching the creepy trickery. Taken aback by the spooky illusion, the woman moves several feet away from the table when the video comes to an end.