Sunday 7 February 2021

How to spend a day in Sofia

Hey there! In this video am exploring the best attractions in Sofia,in the most efficient and budget way. The trip is done in 30th October 2020 In this vlog we covering everything in the Sofia city centre that all of those things that i show you in the video have a sort distance from each other. I am starting in an order that i believe for me it was the best as am going through a route that i planned out carefully. Follow my travel itinerary if you got only 1 day in Sofia. Woke up early morning and started the day from Saint Sofia monument that you could fine her in most souvenirs.Following next to her is Sveta Nedelya Church and St.George Rotunda Church next to the presidency that you could also watch the changing guards. While making my way through the other attractions i passed through the Serdica Station that is a unique one as it looks like a museum because of all of the ruins. Going up ,we find Banya Bashi mosque and the Regional History museum that has still got some thermal water fountains that you could also drink.