Wednesday 22 January 2020

Batman vs Baby Gizmo

Batman vs Baby Gizmo ! DC comics vs Disney ?! AND other kids toy and baby toys !

Batman vs Baby Gizmo!
DC comics vs Disney?!
Welcome Boys and Girls to Memzo Toys!
We make funny videos, stories, funny videos with toys, music, songs and colors for children.
We also do unboxing, review and plays - Where we not only unbox awesome new toys but we put them to test with quirky and hilarious shenanigans!
Try not to laugh and smile, we dare you!
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Tuesday 21 January 2020

THE CONDOM BROKE--HeadWrecking Mantra

THE CONDOM BROKE--HeadWrecking Mantra

HeadWrecking Mantra write songs to save the world! "I'm going insane working in this soul destroying shit-hole, Any artists feel the same? lets escape and write songs to save the world" , this is part of the message I accidentally sent to all the employees and clients of the law firm where I worked. I was fired . Four brilliant musicians , myself and a fox terrier with a bad attitude escaped from Dublin to a very remote cottage on the west coast of Ireland(next stop America). The Condom Broke is our very first song. We hope you like it. I only found out that we need over 1000 subscribers before we can make any money or we'll starve ,so we really really would appreciate if you could follow us please. Thank you!!


Thursday 9 January 2020


PS PLUS February 2020 Predictions | PS4 Free Games February 2020

My Personal
PS PLUS February 2020 Predictions
. What games will be in the February Lineup ?
This is NOT a definitive list of upcoming games but my own list of speculations and possibilities. I created the list by myself, without copying from any other sources.


Wednesday 8 January 2020

I Tried Ozone Therapy For Fatigue

I Tried Ozone Therapy For Fatigue | EDS + POTS)

I used to deal with SO much fatigue, and in an effort to try to feel better, I started ozone therapy (ozone treatment). It was controversial and I was definitely nervous to try it, but helped me fatigue quite a bit. I think I had about four treatments, and each one helped me for a few months. Please keep in mind that this is a very controversial and alternative type of medicine, something I usually do NOT support, but I tried it and it helped. I'm just sharing my experience, but I am in NO WAY promoting this and this should never be done as the first-line treatment for fatigue.

Ozone Therapy For Fatigue

Monday 6 January 2020

Scalp Acne & Head PimplesTreamtent

Scalp Acne & Head PimplesTreamtent From Zincplex

Zincplex Special Scalp Acne & Pimples Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion works where other acne products only dry out the scalp,

Scalp Acne & Head PimplesTreamtent From Zincplex


Sunday 5 January 2020

Top 8 Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

Top 8 Fiction and Non-Fiction Books / Author Sherrie Lynn / Author S. Lynn

Top Fiction Books || Fiction and Non-Fiction Books Author Sherrie Lynn || S. L. Video Productions – hope you guys find this video helpful please stay connected with this channel, thank you

Top 8 Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

Thursday 2 January 2020

Penang Malaysia

Vlog from Penang Malaysia, enjoy watching

مشيت كانقلب على المساجد فماليزيا پينانغ وتصدمت

Northern railway

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The Absolute Best Hunger Game Players in the WORLD

EvaBlackCat and Sir Burpsalot take on and destroy their enemies with ease on Mineplex's Hunger Games (Survival Games). The Eva team shows how easy the game is to play.

How to be confident in job interview in 2020

Nowadays Many Question is Related to How to be confident in job interview 2020. After the long, exhausting journey of searching for and applying for new jobs, you've just been rewarded with a golden ticket—an interview. But after a brief moment of celebration, the panic sets in: Your heart is already pounding, your palms are beginning to sweat, and you're wondering: Are hiring managers like sharks—can they smell fear?

Beyonce Rare

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Ehlers-Danlos Test On EDS vs. Non-EDS Person

What does it look like when someone with and someone without EDS is tested on the EDS criteria? *****OOPS I MESSED UP AND RENATA DOESN'T PASS THE FIRST CRITERIA LOL 😬. She would have needed 3 more points on the Beighton Score. AND I FORGOT TO INCLUDE THE KNEE HYPEREXTENSION 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Dusk (Official Video)

»Dusk« is the 6th and final single of the 'Mercurial Influx' extended play from Vienna-native and Hamburg-based producer / visual artist Alith Berndarn.


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Princesspudding: I NEED to vent for a second about my love life plans for the year of 2020! These are MY reasons why I'm staying single this upcoming year & the real reason why you should too!