Friday 25 February 2022

Multi-Use Ginger Essential Oil

Multi-Use Ginger Essential Oil- Win a free bottle!

This Ginger Oil has effective anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits. This natural oil extracted from Ginger root can help to effectively and rapidly reduce swelling and pain with its warming and anti-inflammatory properties.

It's as very easy to use. Once the oil is massaged onto the area of discomfort, within minutes blood flow increases with a warming sensation relieving inflammation and pain.

Multi-Use Ginger Essential Oil

Scrooge Token SCRG

Scrooge Token SCRG - Buyer's Guide

Want to get a hefty supply of Scrooge Tokens? Here's a video tutorial on SCRG purchases through MetaMask.

Scrooge Token SCRG


Wednesday 23 February 2022

Borek Turkish Recipe

Borek Turkish Recipe | Borek Turkey | Chicken Borek Turkish (2022)

Borek Turkish Recipe | Borek Turkey | Chicken Borek Turkish
Welcome to my channel, Home Cooking With Saima.
In today's video, I will show you how to make a personal favourite of mine which I usually eat from the local Turkish restaurant. This is my second time making Chicken Borek Turkish Recipe at home.

Borek Turkey

Sunday 13 February 2022


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Bundesliga | 5 reasons Germany

Friday 11 February 2022

Cosy Fireplace Lofi

Cosy Fireplace Lofi | Soothing Fire Solace | Fire Crackling Sounds | De-stress & Boost Mood

Cosy Fireplace Lofi | Soothing Fire Solace | Fire Crackling Sounds | De-stress & Boost Mood
In this video, you will see a lovely and calming scene of a fireplace with a glowing orange flame, alongside this beautiful video, you will hear lofi beats. You will also hear sounds of the wood and sticks breaking as the fire heats them up. It's not until we forget our headphones that we realise just how much we rely on music to help us through the day. Our favourite music seems capable of pumping us up before an important moment, calming us down when we're upset, and just about anything in between. Our favourite songs are important but also relaxing tunes too, it is important to have a balance

Soothing Fire Solace


Wednesday 2 February 2022

Sports Betting

Sports Betting On The NFL Super Bowl Picks

See how the Sports Swami Makes Money Sports Betting on the Super Bowl. The Swami of sports betting wagers on the biggest NFL game of the year. With all of the Sportsbook activity legal in much of the USA, placing your picks on a Super Bowl bet should be relatively easy for most people.

Sports Betting On The NFL Super Bowl Picks

Far Cry 5 New Game

Far Cry 5 New Game Plus Mode PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [4K 60FPS PS5] - No Commentary

Far Cry 5 New Game Plus Mode PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [4K 60FPS PS5]- No Commentary - XB1, PS5, Series X 2160p 60fps 4K HD let's play playthrough review guide. Showcasing Game Trailers, side missions, armor upgrades, outfits / costumes, crafts, weapon upgrades, main story missions, and best moments

Far Cry 5 New Game Plus Mode PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1


Tuesday 1 February 2022

Another Love Song

Another Love Song - Music Video - Original Song by Paul Hudgeon

This is my original song, called Another Love Song. It's about the amazing experience of two people falling in love, and the inevitable question that comes to mind; is this a forever love, or is this just a brief and bright flash of love in the story of our life? The song offers a glimpse of what that lasting love can look like in the future. I considered releasing this on Valentine's Day, but I didn't have the patience, lol. I hope you guys enjoy the listen!

Another Love Song

Scrooge Token

Scrooge Token $SCRG - the Best New Token on Crypto Market 2022

The Scrooge Token $SCRG is a secure meme token based on the BSC blockchain. The token has successfully passed 2 audits conducted by respectable firms – Solidity Finance and SolidProof.
The Scrooge Token #SCRG has a simple tokenomic model. Also, it grants 9% rewards for all holders!

Scrooge Token $SCRG