Thursday 12 November 2020

Stay Fit, Think Lean

Stay Fit, Think Lean, Be Agile | Joseph Johann Peña | TEDxGlobisU

Born in the Philippines, Jay has been working in the technology industry in Japanese, US and startups companies for the past 25 years, expanding his network globally, handling projects in AI, data analytics, IoT, and even in sports. After coming to Japan in 2008, he has been focusing on a career in product/project management and Agile coaching. Realizing technical knowledge alone is not enough to bring bold ideas to the market, he pursued an MBA from Globis University. Even with his busy schedule, he never abandoned his love for health and fitness. He started Agile Fitness Japan group where he uniquely found a way to apply the effectiveness of Agile of Project management into Fitness and with his experience in competitive bodybuilding, he started his journey to discover ways to make fitness work and enjoyable for everyone.

Stay Fit Think Lean Be Agile Joseph Johann Peña