Wednesday 2 March 2022

A tribute to Space Disco

A tribute to Space Disco 🛰️ Enrico Milano 🌌 (Electronic Dance Music) 🛰️ Instrumental EDM

Space Disco - The Ultimate In Cosmic Dance Music

When it comes to groovy funk, trippy beats, cosmic rhythms and futuristic sounds nothing can compete with the master DJs of the epic Space Disco genre. With zappy melodies that ride effortlessly above high energy drum beats interspersed by warbling electric notes; Space Disco will transport you to a galaxy far, far away and leave you stranded on a planet of dance trance and fun!

Also known by some fans as "Cosmic House", Space Disco takes concepts from 30 years of disco, funk and dance music to give it a unique feel and huge appeal for DJs and clubbers alike! Based on some of the most eclectic concepts in the world of music, Space Disco never fails to take its audiences into a dream world of magic, love and high energy rhythms.

A tribute to Space Disco