Saturday 13 August 2022

Vinyl and wood Windows

In today's window market, there are vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and wood, etc, for window material. Vinyl and wood are two types commonly used window materials in residential and commercial buildings. The following passages will discuss the difference between wood windows and vinyl windows. Hope it provides some useful tips for your window selection.

Wood Windows & Vinyl Windows

When we are talking about wood window or vinyl window, we are mostly talking about window frame materials. Wood window can be in many species, the general types are pine and oak, of course, cherry, mahogany, teak also included. Vinyl window is window made from vinyl. Vinyl means polyvinyl chloride, (abbreviated: PVC) is a widely-produced synthetic plastic polymer. It could be used for pipe or materials for windows/ doors and others. Window frame plays an essential roles in window performance and aesthetics.