Friday 10 April 2020

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport - Renault Megane RS Trophy - Sunday Cup - All races – Gameplay - beginner

I start with GT League - Beginners... Basically a beginner :) Playinng Gran Turismo Sport for the first time, since I just got ma ps4. I haven't even get my driving license yet... i wanted to race asap. Overall I am happy although I didn't will all the races... Still plenty to learn since I using here automatic gear change, tips for the ideal line and for braking.. braking is actually the most challenging part… Also I think that I will need to get a steering wheel to compete at a higher level, will see, first I need the driving license, I will record it as well… if you want to see my struggle subscribe to y channel :) I am racing with a Reanult Megane RS Trophy, this was the car that was initially given to me by the game...

Renault Megane RS Trophy