Thursday 19 January 2023

What Is A Pre-Hung Door?

A pre-hung door really is what the name suggests; the door is already attached with hinges to a frame and is sold as a complete package.

These doors are manufactured in a ready-made fashion where you do not have to worry about getting the doorknobs and hinges separately after choosing a wooden frame. Companies build pre-hung doors for homeowners looking to simply put up pleasant-looking doors with all accessories attached.

Since pre-hung doors come as a complete package, a common misconception about them is that they would lack customizability. However, not only is that not the case, but rather pre-hung doors consist of stunning wooden frames with the added beauty of glass panes installed within.

The variety in terms of materials and design provides added value for homeowners. Manufacturers also count on the weather resistance factor when making pre-hung doors, so the convenience is only amplified rather than decreased.

In short, pre-hung doors are like a one-stop-shop for your door needs. No need to worry about picking out the perfect doorknob or matching the hinge finish, it's all included in the package. It's like getting a fully loaded burrito, but instead of delicious Mexican food, it's a beautiful new door for your home. So, don't let the pre-hung label fool you, these doors are not just pre-hung, they're pre-hung, pre-loved and pre-approved by door enthusiasts everywhere.