Friday 24 March 2023


There are many different sizes and shapes of windows, but most people choose a basic rectangle. One way to brighten up a room and give your home a unique appeal is by adding a window with a unique shape. Curved windows let in more natural light and fresh air, as well as being gorgeous design focal points for many rooms. Any style of home will look great with custom circular windows, whether it's traditional or modern.

Listed below are ten popular types of round windows

1. Circle Windows

Those gracefully curved shapes and symmetrical designs make circle windows easy to spot. This kind of custom window is commonly found in closets, bathrooms, entryways, and stairwells. Circular windows add additional natural light to confined spaces where it is most needed and serve as a decorative element. A circle window always looks good, whether it's in a traditional home or a modern one. Added to that, circle windows add aesthetic value to any building.

2. Hexagon Windows

A hexagon window has six straight edges and angles, like a honeycomb. You'll love how these windows add style to your home. The first time they were used was in the 19th century, when architects wanted to bring natural light into their attics. Today, hexagonal windows are often used as entryways and bathroom windows, appearing individually or grouped vertically or horizontally. With hexagon windows, natural light, and ventilation are guaranteed.

3. Octagon Windows

Octagon windows have eight sides instead of six like hexagons. Due to the elegance, this shape provides to any room, the style, which is a hallmark of classic design, has been seeing a rise in popularity. 8-sided windows add style and brightness to kitchens and bathrooms. Opening octagonal windows lets in fresh air and breezes, so they have even more to offer. If you want a more traditional look, the glass should have simple grilles. Contemporary homes often have octagon windows without grilles.

4. Oval Window

Oval windows have a circle that is extended and distinctive. It adds visual interest to traditional spaces. Making the space more interesting by replacing rectangular windows with oval ones can definitely help. An oval window can harmonize with traditional spaces when trimmed and glassed.

Bring natural light to your entryway, study, or staircase by installing oval windows. Install oval windows vertically to draw attention to tall ceilings. You can get the same effect from a horizontal oval window. Adding an oval window to your traditional home will add character and whimsy.

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