Wednesday 22 March 2023

India must develop a scientific temper

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country like India, where the Constitution mandates the cultivation of an inquisitive spirit. Experts are thus tasked with combatting misinformation. India is not a developing nation, having once been at the forefront of development before experiencing a decline and now rising again. As a result, there exists valuable traditional knowledge that has yet to be subjected to contemporary scientific scrutiny and is not classified as evidence-based. Ayurveda, for instance, promotes sustainable living practices in the area of health that are now being mirrored by modern medicine, such as emphasizing gut health and the various health benefits of different foods and cooking techniques. In recent times, modern science has only recently begun to comprehend the relationship between diet and gut microbiomes on overall health.

To ensure successful collaborations, it is necessary to clearly establish the boundaries of scientific possibilities, frequently re-examine them, and remain receptive to new knowledge.